Hi, I'm Jenny, the owner of VA à la Carte, and I specialize in proofreading.


For more than 25 years, I've provided executive assistance for upper management in a variety of industries throughout the United States. I've supported a wide range of clients, encompassing an assortment of professions, including academia, biotech, construction, insurance, and law.


As I honed my executive assistant skills over the years, my favorite aspect of every job revealed itself to be, time and time again, proofreading, editing, and writing. It became a calling I couldn't ignore. Initially, I only helped friends and family with projects, but I enjoyed the work so much, I decided to start my own business.



Now, through VA à la Carte, I can reach a wider audience and proofread or edit an increasingly diverse number of topics. Do you need original written content? No problem. I'd like to help convey your message — be it via blog post, social media update, newsletter, report, correspondence, or anything else — in the tone that best represents you.


My strong writing and editing skills will add polish and professionalism to your organization's internal and external communications, and my appreciation of the English language and its nuances will shine through.


I invite you to explore my résumé and the services I offer, and I look forward to working with you.

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"As an entrepreneur ... recognize what your highest best use is, and whatever tasks don’t meet that threshold, those are the tasks to delegate." 

" ... a virtual assistant is one of the fastest tickets to growth in 2017 and beyond."

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